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What is Dlala?
Dlala brokerage & Investment Holding (Q.S.C) is composed of three main companies: Dlala Brokerage Company (L.L.C), Dlala Islamic Brokerage (L.L.C) and Dlala Investment Company (L.L.C)

What are the activities provided by Dlala?
Dlala provides the following activities:
  • Establishing shareholding companies owned partially or completely by Dlala.
  • Establishing and developing investment funds.
  • Obtaining financial and management control over other companies.
  • Participating in the management of its subsidiary companies and those companies in which it has invested.
  • Investing in the financial markets, and any other investment opportunities inside or outside Qatar.
  • Providing the needed support for its subsidiaries.
  • Ownership of patents, copyrights, and commercial businesses.
  • Ownership of assets and property for its businesses.
  • Participating in the establishment, shareholding and limited-liability companies.
  • Establishing companies with special goals and objectives inside and outside Qatar.

Can I trade through the internet?
Dlala has created an in-house internet trading platform that is considered to be a unique vehicle for trading in the State of Qatar. With this Dlala is aiming to establish new standards in the investment culture of the investors. The main features of this service can be given as follows:
  • Direct access trading on all stocks traded in the Doha Securities Market.
  • Real time streaming quotes and news.
  • Team of professional technicians that provide clients with the necessary support.
  • One click dealing that is immediately reflected into the client’s order book.
  • An integrated trading screen that enables clients to carry out all essential trading functions, such as order execution and placement and other market information.
  • An online access to all trading reports including profit and loss and the statement of accounts.


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https://edlala.dlalaislamic.com/login2ar.aspx, دلالة الإسلامية
https://edlala.dlalabroker.com/login2ar.aspx, دلالة للوساطة
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